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Finding a Teacher can be easier than you think! You can use our web search feature on our home page where you will find hundreds of qualified Teachers.

This is a very important fact to note – that all our Teachers are qualified or on their way to becoming qualified, as there is no required training for a music Teacher in Australia. All our Teachers are qualified, or in the process of finishing their Qualifications.

Once you have chosen a Teacher that is in the locality you are looking for, there are further guidelines that you can use to find out the compatibility of Teacher and Student. Please read the following points of interest that may give you valuable information on what to look for when searching for a Music Teacher.

Not all of the following points will be applicable to your situation but some will. Choose just the questions most important to you so as not to overwhelm yourself or the Teacher.

  • What qualifications does the Teacher have?
  • What is the Teacher’s educational and musical background?
  • Does the Teacher have their WWCC (Working With Children Card)?
  • Do they have a Police Clearance. This is extremely important as Teachers work in close proximity to Students, often in one-to-one situations.
  • Are the Qualifications they have for the instrument that they are Teaching?
  • How long have they been Teaching?
  • Does the Teacher prefer to teach only one or two styles of music? If so, which styles? Or does the Teacher a broad spectrum of musical styles?
  • What Grade Levels are their current Students studying?
  • What books does the Teacher use and why?
  • Does the Teacher offer Theory lessons separately or as a component of the Practical Lesson?
  • Is the Teacher in favour of Students sitting Exams?
  • What are the fees and how are they to be paid?


Teaching Fees 2019

The recommended minimum teaching fee for 2016, for a 60 minute lesson, was approved by members at the Annual General Meeting on 9 November 2014.

Accredited Teaching Members: $85 p/h
Teaching Members: $75 p/h
Provisional Members: $66 p/h
Student Members: $62 p/h

Accompaniment fees and group lessons at the discretion of the teacher.

WAMTA is not responsible for the quality of music lessons provided by its members, nor the conduct of its members in home studios.

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