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Q1. I can't seem to find the schedule anywhere. Can you please tell me which day and time my section is on?

A1. Schedules will not be out until entries close. Our Event Coordinators will review all entries and will then arrange specific dates and times for each section. A Mailchimp will then be sent out to your teachers and will also be attached on the information page of the 2019 Recital and Concerto Section TAB. Please check for the schedule on this page after the closing date. 


Q2. Can you please let me know which number my child is playing?

A2. The schedule tells you which date your child/ student is playing, as well as the starting time of that section. Please come before the starting time and stay for the remainder of the section. We will be selling the programme booklets on the day so you will know which number your child/ student is. 

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